2017 Top Business Women of 700 Women

Women to Watch

The winners of the 2017 Top Business Women of 700 Women have been chosen for their many professional and philanthropic achievements, as well as for their ability to show how their involvement in the association directly contributed to their professional achievements.

Every year we choose 70 women, who exemplify our mission. The number 7 is a number that adds the qualities of fortune and success. Number 0 appears here twice, and so its vibrations are amplified. 0 also increases the energies of the recurring numbers with which it appears, as it is a very strong number. 0 adds the vibrations of God power and carries the universal energies.

The number 70 is a number that carries the attributes of dignity, endurance, and strength. 70 is also considered spiritual and suggests that we should strive to become closer to God. We are asked to continue along the paths we are on right now.

The number meaning 700 challenges us to help others and ourselves, and thereby we will be successful. The number is there to remind us of the importance of developing our relationship with God and of knowing His voice, our higher intuition because there, we will find the answers we seek.

The number 700 brings our message of positive intentions and actions, and we should expect them to bring us many rewards. Number meanings 700 also bring with them the vibrations of hard work and are a message we deserve for the things we've been working on.

The following Awards recognize the change leaders and leaders who have made outstanding achievements throughout their careers during this past year.

The Prism Award recognizes 50 women that have achieved excellence in implementing advancement programs in the categories of: cultural change, leadership development, productivity, and performance improvement.

Woman of the Year Award is awarded annually to 20 members who have not only achieved excellence in implementing advancement programs, but also excelled in the areas of contributing to the community, charity, mentoring, and philanthrophy. The winners are nominated by their peers and are then selected by the 700 Women membership through a formal nomination and electoral process.

All recipients will be honored during the Annual Awards Gala, which takes place in January each year.

2017 Prism Award Winners
Mrs. Linda Acker
Toledo , OH
Ms. Violet Barley
Houston , TX
Ms. Mary Barnard
Santee , CA
Mrs. Jessica Barry
Sugar Land , TX
Ms. Ernestine Brennan
Livonia , MI
Mrs. Rose Brown
Kansas City , MO
Ms. Melissa Burnett
Phoenix , AZ
Mrs. Tami Burress
Randlett , UT
Ms. Melisa Caban
Irving , TX
Mrs. Florence Calvert
Saint Louis , MO
Mrs. Sandi Caruthers
Aberdeen , MS
Ms. Peggy Chadwick
Miami , FL
Mrs. Maryann Coffee
Roswell , GA
Mrs. Mary Colon
Fort Worth , TX
Mrs. Frieda Crain
Los Angeles , CA
Mrs. Jaclyn Daniel
Fort Worth , TX
Ms. Lisa Dennison
Tulsa , OK
Mrs. Ruth Ford
Collinsville , VA
Ms. Ashley Fuston
Worthington , OH
Ms. Dorothy Garcia
Kaplan , LA
Ms. Angelica Gross
Allentown , PA
Mrs. Ina Hargett
Abilene , TX
Ms. Jill Huber
Fort Smith , AR
Mrs. Susan Johnson
Atlanta , GA
Ms. Marjorie Lueck
Holy Cross , AK
Ms. Sarah Matthew
Covina , CA
Ms. Eleanor McDaniel
Akron , OH
Ms. Bernice Miranda
Byromville , GA
Ms. Bertha Moeller
Stockton , CA
Ms. Jacqueline Nolan
Paducah , KY
Ms. Mary Norman
Burnsville , WV
Ms. Mary Padro
Scottsdale , AZ
Ms. Teresa Peachey
Los Angeles , CA
Mrs. Corinne Peterson
Sacramento , CA
Mrs. Patricia Peterson
Austin , TX
Mrs. Paula Primo
Baton Rouge , LA
Ms. Linda Roach
San Luis Obispo , CA
Mrs. Helga Robinson
Detroit , MI
Ms. Carol Rockwell
Cleveland , OH
Mrs. Jessica Rosales
Newark , DE
Mrs. Judy Ryan
Jasper , NY
Ms. Kathy Schuler
Williamsport , PA
Ms. Wanda Shepard
East Greenbush , NY
Mrs. Ada Shifflett
Cincinnati , OH
Ms. Joann Sperber
Canton , NC
Mrs. Pauline Taylor
Pittsburgh , PA
Mrs. Martha Weekes
Manchester , NH
Ms. Lori Wehner
Buxton , NC
Mrs. Margaret Zeno
Stockton , CA
2017 Woman of the Year Award
Dr. Tenisha Bennet
Santa Clara , CA
Ms. Marlo Blomquist
Maumee , OH
Mrs. Amy Brown
Denver , CO
Ms. Tammy Davis
Lewiston , ID
Ms. Robin Duong
Riverhead , NY
Ms. Amanda Elliott
Boston , MA
Ms. Mary Fetty
Miami , FL
Ms. Stephanie Fortenberry
Lexington , KY
Dr. Bernadette Garner
Houston , TX
Mrs. Mary Jennings
Hartford , CT
Mrs. Blanche Labat
Chicago , IL
Mrs. Rebecca Lee
Jacksonville , GA
Mrs. Janice Pleasant
Kansas City , MO
Ms. Clarissa Quinones
Richmond , CA
Ms. Minnie Rojas
Harrisburg , PA
Dr. Ernestine Rosenthal
Los Angeles , CA
Ms. Drema Sanders
Indiana , PA
Mrs. Stephanie Stevens
Decatur , IL
Ms. Michele Thompson
Dallas , TX
Ms. Carmen White
Houston , TX


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