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700 Women Membership Benefits

For the first time, 700 Women is offering individual membership to people who want to enhance their business practices and networking capabilities. 700 Women cares passionately about our commitment to women in business. We know the arena as few do, and we are delighted to extend our resources and our experience to you and your success.

Membership through 700 Women is made up of preeminent women entrepreneurs.

Our goal at 700 Women is to be an advocate for you, the businesswoman and to provide you with the connections (entrepreneurial and corporate) that are the life-blood to your business growth. It is our commitment to building our members — those who want value and resources to help their business grow and assist others in their organizations; those wanting to give back to others, those who want to be connected to some superstars.

Who should be a 700 Women Member?

700 Women is a private invite only organization. Members in good standing who have been active in the organization at least 3 years may refer other women who are:

  • entrepreneurs and/or C-level executives ready to delve in and take their business to the next level
  • in business or career a minimum of 24 months
  • senior-level thought leaders, authors, coaches, consultants, mentors
  • women in pursuit of or have achieved advanced higher education
  • women involved in charitable works

Each invitee must meet the above 5 criteria as a basis to have their application accepted. Once accepted, applications are reviewed by the board for approval.

About 700 Women

Since 2005, 700 Women has been active in assisting women from around the world. 700 Women is linked with over 1,000 women’s organizations. 700 Women has become a significant resource for women entrepreneurs and businesswomen. We have reached out to more than 6,000 women’s organizations with memberships of more than 37 million women worldwide.

700 Women’s Membership Benefits

1. Admittance

Includes Admittance to signature quarterly events

2. Participate

Participate in special committees, surveys, and roundtables

3. Publications

Copy of 700 Women’s Directory including online password

4. Calls

Participation in monthly and quarterly conference calls

5. Branding

Online branding with password protected access

6. Newletter

Receive the 700 Women Bi-Monthy Newsletter with updated calendar

7. Merchandise

Receive the 700 Women Tote Bag and lapel pin

8. Awards

Receive National recognition for charitible works

Total Membership Price $1,795 annually


Embrace work-life balance while empowering working women to achieve their full potential. We bring women entrepreneurs from different professions together and give them the opportunity to help themselves and others personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking and national recognition.

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