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About 700 Women

A Christian based executive women’s leadership organization. With the most diverse members of a professional women's organization today, our diversity is one of the 700 Women 's greatest strengths. The strength of that diversity works for you in 700 Women’s membership. Since each of our members is unique, with different interests and needs, 700 Women membership assists every professional woman at each phase of her career.

Whether you are actively seeking to advance to the next level or to stay current with business trends and skills, or whether you dream of breaking out on your own or are running your own business. When you pay your national 700 Women membership dues, a whole world of opportunity will open up to you!

When women come together as one, amazing things can happen. That is exactly what the membership of 700 women - women who join together to develop in professional and personal terms to amazing proportions. Not only do our members gain insight into the problems of their local communities, but they are also involved in the trends and events driving today's national companies. It's about what you know, whom you know and who knows you. And if you want to succeed, 700 Women gives you the upper hand.


Knowledge is power. Even today, businesswomen need a resource they can turn to for information on a variety of topics. Knowing how to use the information to help themselves is just as important. To this end, 700 Women members participate in the following professional development opportunities:

  • Leadership development programs
  • MBA Essentials
  • Management Certificate Series
  • In-depth business skills training
  • Continuing education certificate programs
  • Tuition reimbursement for approved accredited classes


In life, we’ve learned good contacts with business savvy professionals, helps us get ahead faster. However, networking is still an art that many business people have not perfected. That's why 700 Women has made teaching its members this career-critical skill part of its mission. Plus, when you join 700 Women, you automatically become a member of a ready-made, professional network with unlimited potential for expanding your network of contacts.


By nature, recognition is loaded with positive reinforcement. It is an integral part of effective development. This recognizes individual members for their efforts. In addition to local awards and recognition, each year members who provide significant education and leadership services, and professional and civic activities are rewarded.


Since its founding in 2005, 700 Women has been a premier place for thousands of professional women around the globe in their search for solutions. Whether you're starting a business, climbing the corporate ladder, working towards career satisfaction and work-life effectiveness, or running a leading organization, 700 Women has the resources and contacts you need to succeed. We are a premier source of information, resources, contacts, and opportunities to ensure your stature and success in the work world of today!

What does 700 Women offer?

Access to over 6,500 national or international women’s professional organizations, networks, associations, government agencies, and resources along with leading publications for women including 700 Women Directory of Women's Associations.

  • Opportunities to join major events for women such as the Diversity and Women Summit & Gala and the Women and Diversity WOW! Facts Launch.
  • Opportunity to participate in conference calls on issues of importance to professional women, including generations of women at work together, multicultural management and managing careers in non-traditional fields.
  • Access to a dynamic network that inspires women to raise the bar on their performance and achieve career and personal success.

700 Women was founded 13 years ago to fulfill a desire to create solutions for women and minorities to ensure their success in the work world of today. Even under its new leadership in 2018, the vision of instituting 700 Women as the “Networker’s Network,” a valuable business, networking, and educational resource for women around the globe continues to be realized.


The number 7 is a number that adds the qualities of fortune and success. Number 0 appears here twice, and so its vibrations are amplified. 0 also increases the energies of the recurring numbers with which it appears, as it is a very strong number. 0 adds the vibrations of God power and carries the universal energies.

The number 70 is a number that carries the attributes of dignity, endurance, and strength. 70 is also considered spiritual and suggests that we should strive to become closer to God. We are asked to continue along the paths we are on right now.

The number meaning 700 challenges us to help others and ourselves, and thereby we will be successful. The number is there to remind us of the importance of developing our relationship with God and of knowing His voice, our higher intuition because there, we will find the answers we seek. The number 700 brings our message of positive intentions and actions, and we should expect them to bring us many rewards. Number meanings 700 also bring with them the vibrations of hard work and are a message we deserve for the things we've been working on.


Embrace work-life balance while empowering working women to achieve their full potential. We bring women entrepreneurs from different professions together and give them the opportunity to help themselves and others personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking and national recognition.

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